The Mommy Moment Collective is a wellness collective that allows you to relax, release the stress and renew yourself. As mothers we don’t have a lot of time, so as a member of the collective, we curate your break, so all you have to do is take them! We know that by making “you” the priority you can be the best person and mother you are meant to be. We are not our mother’s mother’s.  You owe it to yourself, your children and your loved ones to take back part of who you are.  Take your break today and join us at our newest experience The Mommy Zen Den and “RECLAIM YOUR TIME“!


Feedings, diapers, baby-sitter decisions, school decisions, food decisions, sleep training, bedtime reading, life explainer, homework helper, playdate arranger, playmate, cheerleader, — ok I can stop but the sad thing is there are many more roles.  I am pooped and I know I am not alone. 

As mom’s we do A LOT… we do it ALL, ALL the TIME.  But what we do not do— is take care of and put OURSELVES FIRST

When the pandemic hit I went into a forced depression riddle with anxiety…. Sound familiar?  I was forced to stay put in our apartment (that never felt smaller), two kids, demanding career and the fear that everything was going to hell! 

All of a sudden the word “mom” had a very daunting tone to me.  I was expected to stay calm, tell my children everything will be ok (during a time neither I nor anyone I knew that was alive, thought was true), keep moving with work, educate my children, while also being the lunch attendant, and after-school teacher, and let’s not forget to stay sane…! 

In 2021 when we started going out again, but cautiously, I quickly realized “my time” was “my life line”.  I decided to take overnight stays at relaxing hotels in my area for a break. 

I understood my assignment create spaces for moms to take the breaks they need and deserve. I am on a mission to create spaces globally for moms to take back their lives, replenish themselves and be the best version of who they are!