It’s All Too Much

I get it 2020 hit us all too hard.  Everything stopped just like that and in a blink, we were scared, shut in our homes, responsible for teaching our children, on top of keeping them calm, working, cooking, and trying not to lose it all at the same time.  

How the heck did we get here? As if being a mother wasn’t hard enough.  But soon enough, as tough as it was, we found a way to adapt in a weird way and we settled in. 

Interestingly we started to slow down, connect with our children in a different way, facetime was quality time and cooking became an exploration and adventure at the same time.  It was not over night but for me I started to appreciate the quiet, the stillness.  

The need not to attend every invite, school event, sports game, activity or family gathering became a new place of peace for me.  So now here we are in 2022 and “we are outside” but the question is do we want to go? 

I feel like now everyone is making up for the last two years and they list of school events, birthday gatherings, celebrations etc are fast and furious.  As much as I am happy to be able to participate in things again, it is exhausting.  I don’t want everything to go back to the normal of 2019.  It would be great to have a blend of 2019 and 2022.  Not a full shutdown but the ability to choose wisely on how you spend your time.  

I am working on finding a safe space for a supportive mama and “me time” queen.  I am happy to support my children at their swim meet but I also need time to make my spa appointment or better yet just sit on my couch and read a book.  The balance search is alive and well and I am on a journey to find it!

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